Journaling: My 5 Year Diary

What better way to start off my blog than writing about my journaling experience?

I’ve been keeping records of my life – whether that be writing in diaries, journals, or blogging – on and off since I was in grade 2. Growing up, I was a huge bookworm and would read in the shower, in the bathroom, while eating, walking home from school… you get the idea! My love for reading sparked my interest in writing early on, but I found that as I got older, I had less time for hobbies and writing sank lower and lower on my priority list. I found it difficult to keep a consistent diary – that is, until…

Two years ago, my girlfriend gifted me this 5 Year Memory Book for Christmas:

Journal: “One Line a Day” (buy the exact one as mine at Amazon or this gorgeous starry style)
Pen: Muji (I currently write with the clear ballpoint pens but prefer the gel pens)
Sweater: Club Monaco

And I found it super easy to keep up, as well as fun to write in!

Each page is one day in the year, and it is divided into 5 sections, each one representing a year. I was ecstatic about it because it seemed easy to maintain and exactly what I needed to pick up my writing hobby again.

Thus, on January 1, 2017, I officially began writing in this little book, and have made it a habit to write in it every night before sleeping. When I go on vacation, I write about my day in the Notes app on my phone, and then rewrite it in my journal when I return home. You could also easily bring it along with you because of its small pocketbook size (but I wouldn’t recommend it in case you lose it!).

For those who don’t have much time, but would still like to jot down little notes on their day, I would definitely recommend this journal. Having started on my third year already, it was definitely fun to look back and read about what I was doing, who I was with, and where I was going on each day of the year. It was also interesting to see how much I’ve changed within the past two years — I’m sure that by the time I finish this book in 3 years, I’ll be amazed to see all of my growth, and will treasure it even more for all of the memories it contains.

Do you journal, or have any other journaling ideas and recommendations to share? Let me know in the comments below!


    1. Thank you Inez for your support! I’m so glad I started writing in my journal, I love looking back at all of the crazy things I did haha.

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