Valentine’s Day Outfit & Chanel WOC Worn 4 Ways

T-minus three days until Valentine’s Day (and two until Galentine’s Day!). Whether you’re celebrating with a guy or a girl, or with the discounted chocolates the day after, the heartwarming atmosphere that surrounds the day is something worth noting.

Call me a romantic, but one of my favourite parts about this day has got to be seeing other happy couples and the bouquets of flowers! They really lighten up the mood during this cold winter season. In honour of this special day, I’ve put together a cute date night outfit.

On V-day, I’m all about that red and white.

Outfit details

These two colours are both very bright but go so well together. And seriously, when else is being this bright appropriate?! (Okay, except for Canada Day). I also don’t get to pull out my red Chanel WOC (wallet on chain) very often, but I’ve always loved its versatility and the luxurious touch it adds to any outfit.

Here’s how I wear the Chanel WOC four different ways.

Crossbody is my go-to, and I loop the chain inside the bag once to shorten it (I’m 5’5″ for reference). When I’m in a rush, I throw it over my shoulder, and I clutch it for more formal occasions. I have actually never held it by the chain except for in these photos, but I love the sleek and casual look it gives off.

Mine is lambskin and it is so buttery soft yet durable — surprisingly, I don’t have to baby it as much as you’d think, and I’ve had it for several years now. Keep your eyes peeled for a review of this bag!

I always look forward to Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend is in charge of planning something special. It works out well, because exactly two weeks after V-day, it’s his birthday (so I get to plan that)! What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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